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See a video of an average day in one of John's Native American programs: See Video.

Nothing But Games

Ages: 8-14 includes all materials

Weather is not an issue in this class! Good or bad, rainy or sunny, John Fishback will teach students all of his favorite classic games (and some youíve never heard of)! Capture the Flag, Helicopter, Ghosts in the Graveyard, treasure hunts, Foxes and Rabbits and The Nature Memory Game. Good sportsmanship and mutual respect will be emphasized. John Fishback makes sure students look forward to this class every week!

Traditional Craftsmanship

Ages: 8-14

Students pride and passion will be reflected in these traditional crafts that they get to take home! Students will hand tool and sculpt a leather bag, belt or cell phone case; nail, drill, measure or otherwise construct and paint a wood bird house, bat house, lock box, box trap or planter; cut and stitch a leather vest or moccasins; carve a soapstone amulet or figure; whittle and weave a basket made from natural materials found around the local area.

Worst Case Scenario (First Aid and Survival of the Fittest)

Ages: 8-14

Based on the series of books, Worst Case Survival by Piven and Borgenicht, and Tom Brown Jr.ís book City and Suburban Survival, students will learn how to survive difficult challenges by role playing and practicing important skills. Some of these include first aid, escaping or evading capture, what to do in a hurricane, how to prevent or survive falling through the ice, wide-angle vision, potential hazards around the house, navigating with a compass, and the four basic areas of survival. Stories will be shared with the students about people who survived disastrous events and stories about people who did not use their common sense. Students will also make their own pair of snowshoes and create other related crafts

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